Daniel L. Betz
The Leader’s Coach — “Getting People to Live Their Dreams”

Owner,  Performance Motivation, Inc.

I enjoy helping people learn effective principles that lead to enhanced leadership qualities and exciting achievement.

The company’s purpose is simply this, “Getting People to Live Their Dreams.” 

To accomplish this goal, Performance Motivation, Inc. provides resources for effective personal leadership development — and our methods work.

In fact, I will personally guarantee you this, if you faithfully follow our plan as outlined, then you can expect to:

Achieve measurable results toward your objectives
Enhance the positive leadership qualities you already possess
Develop the skills and attitudes that will bring you exciting achievement

I can make this promise because, I know what this program has done for many others and our platforms are the very finest self-development programs ever created.  They are by far, the best personal development programs in the world.

What sets us apart is this: The goal setting program is a life changing solution.  This system is known to increase individual success and motivation over a person’s entire lifetime.  And, it’s been time-tested to do so for the past fifty-three years.

If you are not now making the progress you want to make and are capable of making, our program can help you change this.


"Helping People Live Their Dreams"

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